Brief introduction


The purpose of the Flügger Application Guide system is to enable the users to compose and print Flügger paint treatments as well as product data sheets and safety data sheets.

Front page:

On the front page you can choose between the four possibilities of the system:


Composition of a treatment:

When you are to compose a treatment, you start by choosing which part of the building you are going to treat (screen 1). This is done by clicking on the part of the building required. Then a new screen comes up where you must choose whether you want new treatment, basic maintenance etc. The composition of the treatment continues in this way until you have made your final choice of product.

If you click on "help", you will see an auxiliary text in a separate window with the paint technical definitions / explanations relevant for the choices to be made on the screen in question.

If you click on "back", you will revert to the previous screen.

Printing of treatments:

When you have made your final choice and the treatment has been composed, this will be informed on the screen, and you must then go to the menu to the right on the screen. Here you can choose to see the treatment on the screen (choose "preview"). Later you can choose to print the previewed pages.

You can also choose to see or print product data sheets and safety data sheets of the products that form part of the treatment, as well as maintenance and cleaning instructions. You must choose the elements in the menu that you want to see or print.

Search on treatment number:

Every treatment instruction has a number that appears from each individual instruction.

You can see how the number appears on the screen as the treatment is being composed. It is possible to search directly on the instruction, if you enter instruction number in the box at the bottom to the left of the screen and then click on "search on treatment no."

Product and Safety data sheets:

You can search for product and safety data sheets on Flügger products by entering the product name (or part of it) in the box at the bottom of the screen. You can also search by "scrolling" in the window with the product names (that are listed alphabetically).

If you want to print the product and safety data sheet chosen, you must choose "preview".