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The descriptions in "Flügger Application Guide" are adapted to the latest development, so that proper solutions technically and economically are obtained with the highest possible consideration of the working environment.

All information is in accordance with technical experience and practice.

However, it is always necessary to make an independent technical judgement of the final choice and maybe an adjustment of the individual building matter. Especially in case of maintenance and repair work we must recommend a professional survey that allow for errors, shortcomings or other special conditions of the previous treatment.

The condition that expected result and further requirements of quality can be fulfilled is that requirements of the substrate as described on each individual treatment instruction are present. It is the responsibility of the workman to control and interrupt the work where this is not the case.

The partial treatments of the instructions describe measures to be taken in order to obtain a result that is technically / professionally correct. Choice of colour may influence the extent of the treatment. It will be of help if Flügger colour card and tinting recipes are used, where the hiding power of each colour is indicated.

Where nothing else is mentioned it is presupposed that the substrate is dry and that necessary sanding and dusting is made between each treatment.

The finished treatment must be without fat edges and sags, be uniform and without spots, impurities or roughnesses.

Where spot filling with a material is described, this can not exceed 1/4 of the total area.

In the treatments, the guiding spreading rate of the materials is indicated. It is a question of average figures based on experience, as individual conditions regarding application, absorption etc. may cause deviations. Where a material is prescribed diluted, the spreading rate is indicated with the diluted product.

Flügger Service Department can always be contacted if you want further information or if you have paint tasks that are not covered by the treatment system.