Working environment, weather and temperature conditions

Working environment:

All treatment suggestions aim at the most working environment friendly paint treatments. All products described have information of code No. with reference to the executive order of the Factories Inspectorate about work with code numbered products No. 302 of 13th May, 1993.

Products with high contents of organic solvents are marked with a *. Treatments with products with a high code No. must only be used where the necessity can be documented in comparison to treatments with products with a lower code No.

Weather and temperature conditions, aqueous products:

For paint work it is a general fact that the application of the paint is limited by the temperature and weather conditions. Cold and humidity during the drying period represent a greater risk for durability and film formation for water-based products than for solvent-based.

It is a well-known fact that the critical limits are below approx. 10 C and approx. 2 C above the dew point. Whether a painting job interior and exterior can be done in a technically proper way must therefore be decided in each individual case.