Concept, Quality, Environmental politics


The Flügger concept is production and marketing of a wide and coordinated assortment of decorative paint, wood stain, wallpaper, painter's tools and natural accessories of good professional quality. We give priority to healthy functional products that cause the smallest possible environmental impact and that provide beautiful and durable surfaces.

Our primary target group/end user is the professional painter and consumers who prefer good professional quality in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Quality policy:

We should offer a complete assortment of decorative paint, wood stain, wallpaper, painter's tools and other natural accessories to meet the requirements for paint and papering work of good workmanship.

We should offer competent, technical service and guidance.

Quality objective:

We must supply the products ordered in the quality and quantity agreed, at the price and time and with the service agreed.

The products must be uniform from delivery to delivery, of good professional quality and provide durable, beautiful surfaces.

Flügger is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Environmental policy:

It is Flügger policy that the Group is and is regarded as an environmentally conscious company. We must keep informed of and comply with laws and regulations that affect our company and our products and keep a continuous dialogue with customers, trade associations, suppliers and authorities with the purpose of being well-informed of relevant environmental conditions.

We shall aim at a good working environment. All rooms of the company must appear clean and tidy. The entire company must be pervaded with this environmental policy in thought and deed.

Environmental objective:

We must develop products giving priority to raw materials that put the least possible strain on the environment, and that can be produced with the least possible consumption of energy and waste and that cause the least possible contamination of air, water and earth.

We must develop products that consider the environment as much as possible during the application as well as the indoor climate and that can be cleaned and maintained with the smallest possible impact on the environment.

Our products must be packed in such a way that they cause the smallest possible amount of unnecessary waste at the consumers and with instructions that mention possible directions for environment or safety.

Our actions must continuously provide improvements in accordance with documented objectives and plans that are to be followed up by the management and in reports to the authorities and to the public.