Expected result and function class

"Expected result" describes the requirements made to the appearance and structure of the finished surface. On each individual treatment instruction the actual requirement to "expected result" is described, for instance CvClSmE: Covered, closed smooth and even surface.

In the following all requirements to results are further developed and clearly defined by means of illustrative drawings and explanatory texts.

In connection with quality control the definitions of "expected result", "function class" and "corrosion class" can be used as a supplement to the treatment instructions.

Click on the expected result, of which you want further explanation:

SBT Substrate before treatment

Covering treatments:

Cv Covered surface
CvSm Covered and smooth surface
CvCl Covered and closed surface
CvClSm Covered, closed and smooth surface
CvClF Covered, closed and filled surface
CvClSmF Covered, closed, smooth and filled surface
CvClSmE Covered, closed, smooth and even surface
CvSt Covered and structured surface
CvClSt Covered, closed and structured surface
CvClFSt Covered, closed, filled and structured surface
CvClESt Covered, closed, even and structured surface

Colourless and glazing treatments:

U Uniform surface
USm Uniform and smooth surface
UCl Uniform and closed surface
UClSm Uniform, closed and smooth surface
UClSmF Uniform, closed, smooth and filled surface

Covered surfaces:

SmCv Smooth and covered surface
SmFCv Smooth, filled and covered surface
SmECv Smooth, even and covered surface